As seen on TV Power Legs
Power Legs Gives You A Relaxing, Refreshing Foot And Leg Massage Right At Home
Breakthrough Massage And Vibration System Can Help Refresh, Restore, And Re‑Energize Your Legs And Feet
Power Legs
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  • Handy Remote Control
  • User Manuel with Exercises Included
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    • Easy To Use – Simply Rest Your Feet, Turn It On, And Relax 
    • Use It While You Watch TV, While You Work, Or Any Other Time You’re Sitting At Your Home Or Office
    • Includes Convenient Remote Control – Go From A Soft, Soothing Massage To Deep Muscle Toning Without Having To Move
    • Light, Comfortable, And Easy To Store
    The Secret of Power Legs

    Acupressure Heads And The Oscillation Vibration System

    Massaging Vibration To Instantly Give You A Relaxing, Refreshing Foot And Leg Massage

    Real PowerLegs User Testimonials
    Steve 58
    It’s a wonderful massage and the vibration coming up through your legs.
    Patrica 62
    It helped me keep my muscles in shape and made me feel really good. It makes me feel really young and active.

    Help you feel better so you can do more and get more out of life.

    Refresh, Restore and Re-Energize
    Power Legs exercises Included in the User Manuel 

    Get More Out Of Life With Lively Legs and Happy Feet!